'* File:     commet2namePerfect.vbs
'* Title:    commet to Name Conversion
'* Purpose:  To 
'* Model:    Physical Data Model for  Reverse Enginner
'* Category: Naming Standards
'* Author:   cphmvp
'* Created:  Nov 22, 2013
'* Mod By:   
'* Modified: 
'* Version:  1.0
'* Comment:  
'*  v1.0 - Must have Conversion Tables assigned as a model option
Option Explicit
ValidationMode = True
InteractiveMode = im_Batch
Dim mdl 'the current model
'get the current active model
Set mdl = ActiveModel
If (mdl Is Nothing) Then
MsgBox "There is no current Model"
ElseIf Not mdl.IsKindOf(PdPDM.cls_Model) Then
MsgBox "The current model is not an Physical Data model."
ProcessFolder mdl
End If
'This routine copy name into code for each table, each column and each view
'of the current folder
Private sub ProcessFolder(folder)
Dim Tab 'running table
for each Tab in folder.tables
if not tab.isShortcut then
if len(tab.comment) <> 0 then
tab.name = tab.comment
end if
On Error Resume Next
Dim col 'running column
for each col in tab.columns
if len(col.comment) <>0 then
col.name =col.comment
end if
if instr(col.comment," ")>0 then
col.name =split(col.comment," ")(0)
end if
On Error Resume Next
end if
end sub